Will Barber is the newest member of The Galleons. Here we ask him some very important questions:


1. What is your favourite cheese?


I am one of those strange people who only likes cheese when it's cooked! As such, I only have a limited cheese knowledge.... I would say Wensleydale because I'm from Yorkshire, but that would be a lie as I've never been brave enough to taste it due to its disgusting smell!


2. Who is your favourite drummer?


I've got two:


Brian Blade. He's predominately a Jazz drummer but sounds good whatever style he is playing. He has recorded with the likes of Joni Mitchel and Bob Dylan and I think he always gets a lovely sound out of his drums. He also looks much cooler than I do when he plays.


Tony Levin. Tony was the house drummer at Ronnie Scotts in the 70s and played with loads of great musicians such as Stan Getz. I was privileged to have him as a teacher for a few years and he was such a huge influence on me, not just as a drummer but in his approach to life and music in general. He was always positive.


3. What is your favourite Galleons song to play live?


I like the new one - Tattered Wings. I mostly play it with soft mallets which I think sounds cool and a bit moody. Then when I swap to sticks at the end it always feels really satisfying and uplifting.


4. What 3 bands live or dead would headline Will Fest?


Paul Simon. He is one of my all time favourites. Brilliant lyrics and lots of really great songs.


Bob Marley. I love his music and it would be good to dance to!


Brett Dennen. He is my all time favourite artist. He is not everyone's cup of tea (got a bit of a unusual voice, a bit like a modern day Niel Young), but I love him, especially his early albums. 




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