The Galleons are a band from Brighton.  Their music wanders a line between folk and indie stopping off to visit rock, blues and occasionally prog along the way.  The songs are often simple and direct but the band also love creating huge musical soundscapes, whilst appreciating the often forgotten importance of a catchy hook .  As at home playing in a candle-lit cellar as they are in a sunny festival field, their music takes the audience from foot stomping folk-rock, to mellow, mysterious lullabies and back.  The band enjoy telling stories and rarely plough the usual lyrical furrows of sex n’ drugs n’ rock n’ roll; so expect songs about whales, Joan of Arc, censorship, post-apocalyptic adventures with Bruce Willis, terrifying foxes, farming in Latvia and magical suitcases.


In the past year they have played gigs and festivals across the UK, including a memorable set at a Techno festival in Yorkshire, performed with a 70 piece choir, the director of National Poetry Day and had their own beer made! They have played numerous live radio sessions at the BBC and beyond, recorded their second album, featured on 6 Music, BBC Introducing and Tom Robinson’s playlists and recorded in a dungeon!


Support slots at sold out shows with American Alt-Folk luminaries Dark Dark Dark, Strand of Oaks, This is the Kit, The Blockheads and cult indie band The Wave Pictures have highlighted their versatility and led to headline shows at some of the UK’s best venues. The band have been making good use of the internet and have sold CDs in 22 different countries including one to Gabon, although the Sub-Saharan tour is still in the early stages of planning!


Each listener seems to compare them to a different artist. This year so far they have had Low, Tunng, Fleetwood Mac, Fairport Convention, Belle & Sebastian, Trembling Bells, The Grateful Dead, Arcade Fire, Pentangle and Bonnie Prince Billy.





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“The Galleons are a six piece band from Brighton. They take inspiration from folk music of all types, especially Latvian farming songs, but they also like all manner of other music and hope that this shows in their new album Cloud Physics. Starting with Ben’s simple melody driven songs they each add a little bit of their own selves to hopefully create something that is bigger and greater than the sum of it’s parts. The new album is available on Bandcamp and all the usual online outlets. At their launch gig on Saturday (March 29th) they performed with a 70 person choir, the director of National Poetry day and their very own Cloud Physics ale.”


Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music/Fresh on the Net


The second album from this innovative Brighton-based sextet who have a style of their own.


Following the success of their eponymous debut album, The Galleons have joined forces with Lonely Disco for their follow up release CLOUD PHYSICS.


The band have played a lot of gigs including many folk and other festivals. They have constantly developed their sound and material, responding to audiences who enthused about their originality. As a consequence, The Galleons now have quite a following and their gigs are increasingly popular.


A whole host of influences have been at work in helping create the band’s sound as heard on CLOUD PHYSICS – from traditional American Country to folk to blues right through to Latvian farming songs and church organs. But the end result is coherent, always interesting and rewarding. Clearly the band’s musicianship is impressive and they have great energy and soul. 


Award-winning producer Martin Levan (who has worked with everyone from Iron Maiden to Andrew Lloyd-Webber) has done The Galleons proud and the production values throughout CLOUD PHYSICS are everything the band could have hoped for. 


The title track is especially impressive but Whale Song, Sing Loud and Liar are noteworthy, too.


Maverick Magazine


"Brighton has a way with words… as well as music, bands, indie, folk and art. The Galleons embody all these things. “Rise” didn’t actually grab me as much on first listen as it did on second and third (and fourth and fifth) but then that shouldn’t always be the measure of success. It’s a really strong track and the net has been cast wide with this band. I’m told that they have sold physical CDs of “Rise” in 22 different countries, including Gabon. Bring on the Sub-Saharan Africa tour!"


Sam Bonham BBC introducing/Fresh on the Net


“One of the UK’s most exciting and original new bands, start with folk and then throw in a bit of almost everything else to create beautifully crafted songs, that stick in the mind long after the last chord has rung.”


The Stables MK


“Brighton’s brightest set sail once more, this time packed to the gunnels with songs built for sustenance as well as succour. On Cloud Physics, The Galleons apply a little more muscle to their trademark billowy melodies, and allow them that feed off meatier instrumentation and more assertive playing.

If, like me, you fell headlong for the delicacy of Islands of Japan from The Galleons first album, then the eponymous opening track on Cloud Physics is liable to come as something of a surprise. It similarly employs the trademark call and response between Ben Brockett and Beth Chesser and ensures that their intertwining voices hold hands on a strong chorus. But this arrangement is one that rocks the boat like a dark front of heavy weather. There is greater solidity in the rhythm section and some barometric organ swirls around crashing chords and clashing cymbals. The Galleons are back, and this time they appear to mean business.


There are thirteen new songs here that generally show three sides of a band that is growing in confidence and self-knowledge. That’s evidenced by the inclusion of lighter musings on No It’s Not, Liar and Mr. Fox that offer contrast and a sense of compensable fun for the bulkier cargo of things like Whale Song and Breathe.

The new face they turn into the wind is represented by title track Cloud Physics and Out With the Ice and Snow which follow a much more direct course than the Galleons favoured route. Like a big ship, Brockett’s quietly prodding songs push out slowly and gather momentum when the band gets behind them. It’s not always clear which charts he is using, but the tunes always seem to find themselves in mapped territories and under familiar stars.


On One Enormous Thread, for example the delicate piano and strings suggest an exploratory of hitherto unknown depths, but Brockett’s broadly sympathetic tone maintains an even keel. I think that his song writing is guided as much by an aspiration for consistency as it is by the a latent desire to make bold decisions.

Cloud Physics is certainly o’erwatched by something as constant as the Northern Star in Brockett’s bottomless pockets of songs. However, it shows that they are also capable of steering into the path of a hurricane…just to see what it’s like.”




“The friendliest band in Brighton”


Amy Hill, Brighton Folk



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